Our School

Grades Taught



Fred Jack


Vice Principal: Jennifer Garinger 

Administrative Assistant: Erin Harrington 

Teachers: Blake Wheler, Casey Scheidegger, & Chelsea De Jong


Welcome to Carmangay Outreach School! We serve Low-German Mennonite students who live in Carmangay or surrounding communities.  Our students range from grades 7-12. We run a regular junior high program, but our senior high program is completely outreach. 


At Carmangay School, it's cool to care! 


Carmangay school staff encourages and supports students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and positive contributing learners and citizens in a diverse, dynamic world.  At our school we will follow the principles and pillars of the FISH! Philosophy.  We will be there, choose our attitudes, play, and make others days in everything we do.


Our school has adopted the FISH Philosophy this year, as we believe it will help students develop the skills and attitudes to help them be successful in their future careers. The FISH philosophy says:

1) Be there- be present when you are in a conversation with another individual; look people in the eyes, ask questions, and paraphrase. 

2) Choose your attitude- choose an attitude that will help you achieve your goals and get necessary assignments and work done.

3) Make their day- do kind things for others 

4) Play- have fun at everything you do 


We believe that all students can learn and our staff does their best to help students achieve success while at school.