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Skating and Let's Talk Science Field Trip

What an awesome day skating, and learning about Science (some of the ways that humans are impacting the environment). For many students, this was their first time learning to skate. We are blessed to have such a great group of students who readily took on the challenge to learn this new skill. There were smiles all around, and many who wanted to skate as long as they could, despite taking a few spills. We are so proud! Thank you to the parents for all your support in allowing these students the opportunity to try new sports.

To finish off the day, students went to the University of Lethbridge to participate in a program called "Let's Talk Science". Students had the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on experiments. In doing so, students learned about the impact increasing acidity has on our water bodies. Increased acidity comes largely from pollution caused by our very own factories! Students also had a fun time learning about how our brain works, and more particularly how we are able to see and understand the world around us. This includes being able to understand depth!

We are looking forward to many more educational, and fun trips for the students to take part in as we move into the spring. 



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